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Anhui Aofeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd created in May 2008 from Chuzhou City Development Zone, from the Zhejiang investment to Chuzhou production and operation of export auto parts. The company mainly produces automobile rubber shock absorber and industrial rubber products professional manufacturers, with an annual output of 20000000 pieces of rubber shock absorber and an annual output of 20000000 pieces of automotive rubber products production capacity. The company registered capital of 5 million, the existing staff of more than 300 people, 20 million yuan in fixed assets, covers an area of about 20 acres, building area of 10000 square meters, the allocation of the company has first-class production and testing equipment, mainly has: dense refined Center (UK Farrel) a, machining center, CNC lathe, all kinds of metal processing machinery, Germany DESMA rubber injection machine; company mainly produces automotive industry and in all types of control arm, hydraulic suspension set damper, torsional damper, rubber metal damper and other 10 kinds of parts. In 2010 Aofeng successfully passed the ISO / TS16949 quality management system certification, in order to OEMs matching has laid a solid foundation.


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