Volvo Carbon V40 released the world's limited 343

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Volvo Carbon V40 released the world's limited 343

Appearance, this V40 carbon based on the V40 R-Design to build, through carbon fiber roof, a carbon fiber rear mirror caps and unique 19 inch alloy wheels, and the improved above the body lightweight and sporty. In addition, the model is also equipped with black modified parts and black exhaust pipe.

The change in the interior is not big, inherited the Volvo has always been contracted interior design, the overall performance and the V60 basically consistent style. Only the V60 uses a black interior, while the V40 uses a black color scheme on the upper. It is worth mentioning that the car is equipped with a carbon fiber board and red belt.

Power, the new Carbon V40 will provide two engine options. T5 engine after adjusting the maximum power of 186kW, maximum torque of 400 Nm. D4 engine maximum power of 147kW, maximum torque of 440Nm, the version compared to conventional models of V40 power to enhance the 11kW, torque increased by 40 Nm.

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