The new Volkswagen Phaeton introduced gesture control.

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Recently, a cat from the German media informed, Volkswagen will launch a new generation of Phaeton in 2017. New Phaeton will have a major highlight of the operation: in the control of large size screen, gesture control and sunroof, automatic parking function and driving auxiliary function. The gesture control function is a big breakthrough in the human vehicle interaction technology.



Before the Internet have been rumors that a new generation of Jeep Wrangler will use aluminum body, Sergio Marchionne made this clarification, the new car will use aluminum parts in certain parts of the body, such as engine cover, but most of the parts of the body will still use traditional steel parts.

Cash Wrangler hale and hearty masculine body contour, front using the Wrangler sign seven round headlamps and grille. Cat brother estimation of a new generation of Jeep Wrangler shape design and not too big change, will still use this simple and crude design language. The biggest change in the new generation of models may be to increase some of the comfort of the configuration, and enhance the car's daily practicality.

Sergio Marchionne has also revealed that the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee will jointly developed with a new generation of Jeep Wrangler, two cars will use many of the same design, and may achieve a component part of the general. For this reason, the Grand Cherokee Jeep next generation may be delayed release. In accordance with established practice, the release time of the new Grand Cherokee will be a year before the new Wrangler released, and the generation of the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler release time may be very close.


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