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Anhui Aofeng Auto Parts Co. Ltd.
2012 to obtain the "private science and technology enterprises in Anhui Province," the honorary title
December 2012 to obtain the "integrity of Anhui Province," the honorary title;
December 2012, "the Municipal Technical Center certificate" honorary certificate;
January 2013 to obtain "high-tech product certificate" honorary certificate;
January 2013 "TS16949 quality system certification," honorary certificate;
January 2014 to obtain "high-tech enterprise" honorary title;
January 2014 to obtain the "Chuzhou intellectual property advantage enterprise" honorary title;
November 2014 to obtain the "high-tech product certificate" honorary title;
2014 to obtain the "integrity of the Anhui provincial labor and social security model" honorary title;

In 2014 was named "Chuzhou Anhui Vocational Education Group - director unit" 

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