Auto parts in advance to complete the goal of China's manufacturing 2025 innovation?

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On May 19, the State Council issued a formal implementation of China's manufacturing power strategy first decade programme of action -- "China manufacturing 2025". Among them, basic policy pointed out to innovation drive, the innovation lies in the core position of the overall development of the manufacturing industry, and the innovation ability set 2020 and 2025 manufacturing main indicators, as shown in the following table:

Xiaobian as media practitioners always concerned about the dynamic of national policy, and lived in the auto parts industry, also to associate, auto parts is an important part of the manufacturing industry of our country, then how the innovation ability of the automobile parts industry?

Not long ago, the 83 parts of listed company's annual report in 2014 in R & D expenditure data analysis that R & D investment accounted for the proportion of revenue more than 5% of the number of enterprises reached 17, 83 companies total R & D investment for 128.62_yi billion yuan, R & D investment accounted for year operating income than the average was 3.88%, the average has greatly improved compared with the 2012 2.7% and 2013 3.27% of the cases.

Compare with the 3.88% set of the value of the 2025 set, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the value was much higher than the 1.68% in 2025. This in our country manufacturing industry innovation ability level, whether it means that the auto parts in advance to complete the 2025 plan set the development target?

In this regard, China Automobile Association consultant Du Fangci said:

"The overall innovation capability of the automobile parts in our country is still in the middle and lower level in the manufacturing industry. It is said that there is no innovation ability. Although, in recent years, some parts enterprises in the core components of innovation ability has improved, but compared with Europe and the United States and other countries still have a big gap."

So serious! The old Du words let small my back, my heart panic. This allows a large number of independent auto parts enterprise situation why? After the excitement, Shen heart to think carefully about, in fact, parts of listed companies is only China's tens of millions of auto parts enterprises in a few, and not representative of the auto parts industry overall level of innovation. In fact, the innovation ability of enterprises independent parts how everyone knows and from the core technology of automotive parts master degree and market share is also evident.

83 parts company R & D accounted for

Next, small to talk about the "China manufacturing 2025" program in another innovation capability of the index that is effective invention patents. In recent years, the parts enterprises in elaborated the enterprise innovation ability, more and more to obtain patent number as intuitive "numerical form", as if more patents, innovation ability stronger. Is that true?

China Automobile Industry Association brake committee secretary general Gu Yifan said that China's invention patents contain water, not very valuable, but also can not show that the improvement of enterprise innovation. Du Fangci also believes that the number of invention patents can not represent the quality, parts enterprises should increase the value of the invention patents".

From 83 parts of the listing Corporation in 2014 annual report of the 8 parts of the company in 2014 to obtain the invention patent data show that the target gap is still relatively large and 2025. It seems, auto parts companies also need to work harder.

As Du Fangci called, the real independent innovation is the performance of a strong competitiveness. Auto parts enterprises to get rid of plagiarism, "loneliness", conscientious, sureness, engage in innovation.

Finally, the small series to the "China manufacturing 2025" in the innovation ability of the index to talk about their own views. Although the basic principle of the scheme, ten tasks, five projects are the innovation ability were different, but only set R & D investment accounted for the ratio and effective invention patent the two indexes will not be too small? Xiao Bian believes that the proportion of R & D personnel and configuration, high-end core product market share, invention patent product value contribution rate is an important indicator of research and development capabilities. In the case of "water" in the invention patent, how to guarantee the validity of this indicator should also be a question that needs to be demonstrated.

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