5 - 20 TOYOTA are looking for partners! Auto circle "together" full bloom

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Heard that the car will pay attention to

Today is a good day, "5 - 20". A recent period of time, the message of cooperation between multinational enterprises emerge in an endless stream and car prices slowly began to "lonely", not only in between automobile manufacturers looking for a partner, but also gradually areas of cooperation extended to apple, IBM and other IT giants. Below, let's make a small series of inventory, which car companies and who are together.

1, TOYOTA and Mazda, announced the engagement"

May 13th, TOYOTA and Mazda issued a joint statement, the two sides formally form a long-term partnership. Due to the increasingly stringent automotive emission regulations, the development of car prices continue to rise, TOYOTA and Mazda decided to strengthen cooperation in product, production and technology.

Is it really not a wedding photo?

At a joint press conference with Akiotoyoda CEO, Toyota Mazda CEO kogai Nga Road unwilling to disclose the specific content of cooperation. However, they acknowledged that the joint production, mixed car and fuel cell vehicles to reach cooperation. The two presidents have avoided the problem of whether the cooperation has evolved into capital, and they have not given a timetable for the two sides to cooperate on the project. "This is to announce the engagement, not to get married." Akiotoyoda image surface.


The Toyota and Mazda technology "marriage", it is Each takes what he needs. TOYOTA will provide a part of the fuel cell technology related patents, hoping to promote the development of basic construction. While Mazda has been trying to develop fuel cell vehicles, but taking into account the cost and other issues, decided to cooperate with TOYOTA. Mazda's "Chong Chi blue sky" technology and the soul of the design, it is the focus of the introduction of TOYOTA. Japanese car companies have been walking in the forefront of the industry in technical cooperation, heating, domestic car prices worth reference.

2, apple, and Tesla's "sex scandal"

Recently, the Fiat Chrysler CEO Marchioe and Tesla and apple CEO. May 9th, Marchioe attended the opening ceremony of the Fiat's luxury brand Martha Lahti in the United States, California new dealership. In California, the horse took the opportunity to visit the Apple CEO Tim, cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, he said of musk impressive; the horse also experience the Google driverless cars.

A fence, a CEO Fick's appetite is not small

Although apple, Google to develop electric vehicles and unmanned vehicles are planned to be a lot of car prices as a potential threat, but they are still a lot of car companies favor of cooperation. Not long ago, Marchioe had said he was willing to work with any of the companies in the apple, Google alliance cooperation.


Fiat and Chrysler completely after the merger, the horse is still tirelessly for "new" Fick to find potential partners, and successively with Ford, GM, Volkswagen, PSA, Suzuki and Mazda spread over the scandal. This time, the horse will look at Apple and tesla. Can say, the old look good, after all, electric cars and car networking is the two largest industry development direction. However, Tesla has always been a "go it alone", and old singing "you are my little ah small apple likely it's unlikely.

3PSA and Ford: a new generation of diesel engines "come to the bowl"

Recently, the French car manufacturer PSA and the U.S. auto maker Ford announced that it will extend the duration of the two sides in the field of small displacement diesel engine.

According to the French "echo" reported that PSA will launch the new DV-R diesel engine family in 2017, Ford will get the right to use. According to PSA internal sources, the two car companies will sign an agreement to extend the terms of cooperation in the near future, the original cooperation will be terminated in 2017. PSA previously said, will be 2017 to 2018 years to launch a new DV-R diesel engine family, replacing the current 1.4 liters and 1.6 liters of diesel engine. The new engine meets the European 6.2 emission standards that came into effect in 2017.


At present, diesel cars still become fashionable for a time in europe. However, with the European carbon dioxide emissions regulations become increasingly stringent and environmental wind and tight, car companies in the field of clean diesel engine to strengthen cooperation is very necessary. As the second major European car manufacturers, PSA has a greater advantage in the development of diesel engine, the two sides cooperate to reduce costs, to achieve synergies.

4PSA and IBM to work together: you are weak burst!

Recently, the French car maker PSA and it enterprise giant IBM announced that both sides couplet hand build car service network to reach an agreement, will be for the owners to provide more Internet service and combine the vehicles and the dealers, service system and urban transport networks, such as, but not limited to the current most IT enterprises to provide navigation and entertainment and information service.

At present, Google, apple, NOKIA and TomTom, these IT giants to provide the car service are mostly concentrated in the navigation, driver assistance and information entertainment systems and other fields. And the PSA and IBM cooperation, will exceed these existing levels, the service content will be more extensive than the existing car networking applications, and even involved in the retail sector. It is reported that, PSA and IBM will jointly undertake the development, sales, marketing, etc..


With the arrival of the era of intelligent vehicle, the relationship between the traditional car companies and IT companies become more and more closely, many IT giants such as Google and apple have cross-border car industry, IBM is also not to be outdone. PSA and IBM this time together is quite

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