Dongying: to promote the transformation and upgrading of rubber tire industry

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Rubber tire industry is an important leading industry in Dongying, and it is the first major industry of the whole city, which has a very important position in the whole city economy. Dongying City rubber tire industry has stepped into a critical period of transformation and development, governments at all levels and all departments and enterprises to strengthen confidence, innovation thinking, active as, to push the rubber tire industry transformation and upgrading, achieve the Phoenix Nirvana, create a new world.

Shen Changyou requirements, one must aim at the industry, to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, and walk the path of differentiation, high-end, high-end projects, the prohibition of low grade, product similar projects. Actively docking international advanced standards and the European and American countries such as tire labeling regulations, improve the product's energy efficiency, environmental protection, safety standards. Actively cultivate the backbone of enterprises, through technological upgrading, resource integration and other ways to become bigger and stronger, to improve the concentration of tire industry.

Two to strengthen brand building, improve the market influence. All relevant departments should strengthen the guidance and service of enterprise brand construction, guide enterprises to develop brand cultivation plan, implement brand management strategy. Actively build foreign exchange platform for enterprises, the organization to participate in overseas exhibitions and major industries to participate in the exhibition, to enhance the influence of tire brand in Dongying City, consolidate and expand market share.

Three to improve the innovation system, foster the development of sustainable power. Improve the support policies to promote scientific and technological innovation, and encourage enterprises to actively take the country, the province of science and technology. The enterprises should strengthen the independent innovation, strengthen the combination of production and research, to create scientific and technological enterprises. Relying on the backbone enterprises, the formation of industrial technology alliance, a number of public service platform, to provide support for rubber tire industry innovation and development.

Four to innovate enterprise management, improve management level. Carry out the industry benchmarking, actively use information technology to enhance the management level of enterprise informatization, manufacturing. Support e-commerce service platform, the Dongying city to build an important tire distribution center and logistics center. Strengthen site management, quality management, improve the quality of tire products testing, to ensure product quality.

To grasp the safety and environmental protection, promote the safety of green low-carbon development. Increase energy saving and emission reduction efforts to accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, to resolve the excess capacity. All enterprises should do a good job of environmental protection facilities construction operations, and promote water pollution control. Increase production safety, improve the internal supervision mechanism, improve the level of safety production.

Six to strengthen the construction of industry associations for the development of enterprises to do a good service. Actively play the role of industry associations to monitor the industry's operations, standardize industry management, strengthen industry services, and promote the healthy development of the industry. Promote industry associations and foreign trade associations, industry to establish dialogue and consultation and information exchange mechanism, to build mutual trust and promote cooperation, to create a good environment for the development of the city's tire industry.

Shen Changyou stressed the need to seriously study the current situation, to do a good job of the combination of higher policy and the actual situation in Dongying, to increase the strength of the tire industry transformation and upgrading. Deepen political cooperation, support and guide the enterprises to enter the capital market financing, improve the ability to cope with risks. Leading cadres at all levels, the relevant departments to change their work style, the initiative to help enterprises solve problems, real service for the enterprise. The majority of entrepreneurs should be strict standards and real style of the work of the business, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, to fulfill social responsibility, to do a realm, dare to play, responsible, outstanding entrepreneurs.

Tian Qingyun presided over the meeting stressed that to strengthen confidence, strengthen brand building, a sound marketing network, to promote the consolidation and reorganization, to carry out strategic cooperation, strengthen scientific management, do a good job safety and environmental protection, efforts to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of rubber tires.

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