Tire and rubber industry in the future development of three major opportunities

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Tire and rubber industry in the future development of three major opportunities

To explore the information under the condition of the new mode of production, to the application as the core, the market as the guidance, the enterprises as the mainstay, the use of information technology to transform traditional industries, adhere to the development of intelligent manufacturing as a strategic priority, the establishment of information under the condition of the rubber industry production system.

For the tire and rubber industry how to achieve sustainable development, Pan Aihua also put forward their own proposals. He believes that, to speed up the development of green, to promote the study and implementation of tire labeling system. This will not only improve the consumer's right to know the tire products, but also through the market way, to promote the formation of a new model of the development of the tire industry's low-carbon cycle.

Two to strengthen the technological transformation. Under the new situation, the tire enterprises to through technical transformation to solve the weak link in the adjustment of industrial structure and aspects need of industrialization, to improve the ability of innovation, improve the technological level and product competitiveness.

Three to open up new space for industry development. For the China natural rubber and some high-end synthetic rubber material dependence on imports, status of tire and rubber products export to adhere to co-ordinate domestic and foreign two overall situation, the two markets and two resources. In accordance with the implementation of the "along the way" strategy, enterprises need to go out to foreign investment, to carry out international cooperation in capacity, with a broader perspective, to build a new pattern of rubber industry opening and development.

It is understood that the various departments of our country are studying the implementation of the "one way" strategy of the specific program. The Ministry of industry and information has been incorporated into the tire industry, but there is no specific measures to implement the implementation of the. Pan Aihua said the hope that the industry associations and enterprises to participate, and more to make recommendations, to discuss the rubber industry in the area along the way to do things. The Ministry will take relevant results into being developed by the "Thirteen five plan".

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